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Cardy Crop Solutions Ltd was founded back in 2013 by Drew Cardy. Over that time we have strived to deliver the strongest seed genetics and technologies to local grain and livestock producers.

Our partnership with DuPont Pioneer has been essential to our success and will continue to be a valued partner into the distant future. We have come to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each and every variety and hybrid offered by DuPont Pioneer. The fact that we can build a successful business around one companies seed products says alot for their performance and integrity. While other retail companies source genetics from DuPont Pioneer, the most premium products are only sold through a DuPont Pioneer Sales Agency; which would include us. 

Although DuPont Pioneer is a global genetic powerhouse, we are still a small business and since our footprint is small, it allows us to focus on only a handful of producers. Local investment is important to us. 

While growing up I was exposed to many different farming operations. It didn't matter whether it was grain, swine or dairy production, each operation required hard work and determination. You come to realize that if you stay committed the outcome is truely rewarding and I apply these same values to my seed business.   

Never Settle 

Four years ago I had a vision of what I wanted my company to look like and represent. I can say with confidence that I have surpassed my expectationsof where I though I would be. I wouldn't be where I am today without a great group of customers I get to work with everyday. Their acceptance is definately the fuel for my passion. If you enjoy what you do, I can guarantee success will follow you. 

There is so much marketing noise from all the seed and chemical companies, it's hard to filter through all the B***S**T. I found the best way to deal with this was to put you money where you mouth is. Every year we give away thousands of dollars worth of canola, soybean, and corn seed. The producers use thier own production techniques to grow this seed. Once the growers see these varieties in their own fields and see the yields at harvest, it wont take them long to realize why DuPont Pioneer is market share leader in Manitoba. Pioneer has such a diverse genetics platform and with patented breeding techniques they are able to make genetic gains quicker than other companies. Check out the product and trial pages to see just how diverse the products are and how they can benefit your farm.

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