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Northstar Seed Alfalfa

20% coating. Apron XL treated and inoculated unless otherwise indicated.

Certified Pure Alfalfa

  • An exciting new synthetic variety that has been developed from multiple high performing parent plants
  • Vigorous roots, high leaf to stem ratio, and high forage yield from a Fall Dormancy 2
Stealth SF
  • Standfast with Fast Growth Trait
  • Tall growth habit, multi-leaf expression, large leaves
  • Maximize the production.
  • Multi-leaf variety, selected on performance and quality
  • A high performing alfalfa under most soil conditions in Western Canada
Rugged ST
  • Better germination under salt stress than conventional varieties
Response WT
  • High Production Branch Root, suitable to most production areas
  • Aggressive Creeping Root
  • Our leading alfalfa under dry-land conditions for hay production or in combination with grasses for pasture
  • A sunken crown, branch root variety that provides excellent yield for hay or grazing

Certified Legume Blends

Alfalfa Blend 10-5
  • Certified blend of TH2, Haygrazer, Response, Rugged, and Runner
  • Increase performance under variable conditions
Ultimate Dryland Blend
  • A certified blend combining creeping and tap root
  • Perfect for dryland conditions
  • 70% Runner and 30% Robust
Ultimate Pasture Blend
  • A new low-bloat pure legume blend ready for grazing
  • A mix of AC Mountainview sainfoin and pelletized Haygrazer alfalfa
Ranchers Choice Brand
  • Consistent Performer with growing popularity
  • A blend of Multi-leaf, tri-foliates and creeping root alfalfas

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